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Qode One

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Ecommerce, Entertainment, Action Sports, Music Video, Software

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The Drupal "Wears No Clothes"...
Ive been a member and avid user of drupal for more than a decade. Im tired of the "Emperor Wears No Clothes" thing that happens with Drupal and its benevolent codebase. I dont see anyone working on "Design" in Drupal and no place for contribution of Design. Its an afterthought and always will be. My company has moved completely over to building sites with October CMS. I find its a much better playground for designers and guaranteed to save you countless hours over trying to make Drupal work for your business.
October CMS literally works as soon as you download it. It just works better with other front end frameworks like UIkit which we are huge fans of at my company. We also really love and prefer to use Vue.js. Making Vue work with October and Uikit is awesomely easy and much preferable over the same setup in Drupal. Id say it saved me days so far.

Isaac started his first company building internet software in 1997. His background was design however the majority of his career he has focused on website and software usability and applications for ecommerce. He currently sits as President of Qode 1 and loves contributing to open source projects in his free time. Isaac manages the UIkitty 2 and UIkitty 3 projects on as well as a number of contributed themes and modules.

Isaac is committed to helping the Drupal community grow and thrive. He helps projects that need help. In Feb 2017, after watching the Commerce 2.x documentation suffer for many months because of organizational changes, he jumped in an rebuilt their entire documentation in Sphinx "because there were many broken links". The new documentation can be seen at and is a testament to Isaac's method of cooperation and helping in areas of need for the open source community.

"I believe in the power of doing good, I genuinely want to help the world be a better place and I declare my commitment to doing so with less talk and more action."


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* Drupal 8 theming

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I contributed Drupal themes
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