Ubercart compatible module.

This module allows your customers to create and manage simple wish lists of products in your Ubercart store. Other customers can search for a particular wish list and purchase items from the list on behalf of the wish list creator. It functions alongside of the normal shopping cart, presenting the customer with an "Add to wish list" button beside the normal "Add to cart" button on product pages.


This module requires Ubercart 2.x on Drupal 6.

This module requires Ubercart 3.x on Drupal 7.


The next releases will be released when they are ready. Speeding up the process means helping out in the issue queue. Here are the outstanding issues for the upcoming releases:

Bug reports and feature requests

All bug reports and feature requests should be posted to the issue tracker. Features may be sponsored; see below.

Drupal 7

I would like to thank jerry, Sagar Ramgade for porting and testing this module into drupal 7.

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