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This module allows you to create a 'super' or 'parent' product node-type and then display a list of 'child' products in a table with a single add to cart button to add multiple products to the cart in one go.


  • Integrates with Ubercart catalog (grid display)
  • Integrates with attributes
  • Fully customisable table, with all output themeable
  • CCK intergration, add CCK fields from the child products to your table - with a new node build mode so you can fine tune their display - includes imagecache and imagefield integration.
  • Choose the fields to display in your table for each child product as well as their titles and order, customisable per parent product


1) Extract the module into your sites/all/modules or sites/xx/modules folder (where xx is your site name)
2) Visit the modules page admin/build/modules and enable the module
3) Follow the configuration steps below


A complete guide to configuration can be found in the handbook page, thanks to gjmokcb for taking the time to write that up, a brief synopsis is as follows:

a) Create a content type
b) Add a nodereference field to the content type that references Ubercart product nodes
c) Under the display settings for the nodereference field choose Uc Sub-product add to cart form
d) Create your sub products as regular Ubercart products
e) Create a node of this content type (the parent node) and choose the sub-products (child nodes) in the node reference field
f) When you view the parent node, the child nodes will appear in a nice add to cart table


Cart Icon

If you want to change the cart icon, override the css using your theme, the selector is input.uc-subproduct-cart - just add something more specific,

body input.uc-subproduct-cart {
  background-image: url(path/to/your/image.png);
Display Fields

To customise the display of fields in the table, go to /admin/content/types/list and edit the content type created at (a) above, under submission form settings enable the 'Setup display fields for UC Sub-product' checkbox and save.

If you wish to allow non-admin users to setup the display, you will need to grant the 'Setup UC Sub Product displays' permission to the appropriate roles.

Now when creating nodes of this type, you will get an additional fieldset allowing you to customise the display of fields in the table, including support for CCK.

To control the way fields are output visit the 'display fields' pages in the CCK admin pages for the product node type (admin/content/node-type/product/display/uc_subproduct), there is a new tab 'UC Sub Product' in addition to the standard normal and RSS modes.

If the core Ubercart fields (weight, dimensions etc) don't display in your table as expected, make sure they are enabled at admin/store/settings/products/edit/fields


This module was written by Lee Rowlands (larowlan) of Rowlands Group ( The author is available for paid customisations.

This module was sponsored by The Gallerie ( and Website Express (

Shopping cart icon from Glossy eCommerce Icons Pack - author Eoin McGrath from Starfish Web Consulting ( distributed under the LGPL

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