This module provides Feeds mappings for Ubercart items, including model, prices, weight and weight units.

It also adds the ability to include attribute mappings (which are added to the product after it has been created), both for the price and weight fields.

Attributes and Options must already exist in Ubercart. Pretty obvious, but worth a mention!

Special note for product adjustments (combination of attributes) (D7 only)

You will need a bit of PHP knowledge to use this feature, although it's pretty rare that you'll ever need it.

The dev version of the module for D7 has support for product adjustments. Ubercart allows you to create new SKUs for each combination of attribute that your product has. Those combinations and SKUs are stored in the database in a very peculiar way preventing this module to be able to accept a regular field so it also expects a very peculiar data, which is a serialized array of combination arrays with the following format:

$combination1 = array();
// The combination of attributes as present in the uc_product_adjustments table, unserialized.
$combination1['combination'] = $combination; 
// The model as present in the uc_product_adjustments table
$combination1['model'] = $model; 
// Create and array of combination arrays
$data = array($combination1, $combination2, ...);
// This is what this module expects on the feed
return serialize($data);.

Drupal 7 development

As a new co-maintainer I will be cleaning up the issue queue a bit (D7) and committing a few fixes/improvements. If you want to try it out, please use the dev version of this module with the dev version of feeds.


Drupal Development Services

Drupal 7 work currently sponsored by Infomagnet.

luf sponsored the addition of stock information mappers.

This Drupal project is developed and sponsored by who provide Drupal development services, Drupal Consultancy and Drupal training.

This comes from this Ubercart issue queue -
Thanks and credit to cedarm and wesleydv for the initial patches provided in the queue.

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