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This module allows you to create file upload attributes for Ubercart.
Potential uses include print-shops where the user must upload an image prior to checkout.


  • Uses user_files module to allow uploaded files to be private.
  • Integrates with Pressflow.
  • Integrates with upload (in core) module to limit file-size, quota and file-types of uploads by role.
  • Charge extra based on file-type (add the file extension as the option value).


User Files module.

Known problems

None at this point in time, please use the issue queue if you encounter any problems.

Road Map

None at this point in time, please use the issue queue if you've got ideas/suggestions.


Based on rewrite of this github module - module was rewritten from the ground up to utilize functionality of user_files module and better embrace core file apis.

This version by larowlan of Rowlands Group.

Sponsored by Website Express.

Drupal 7 version

The port is a somewhat reworked version. While it maintains the same functionality and is based on the same source code base, developments in D7 made its dependence on the User Files module unnecessary.

The files the users upload will be stored in the temporary folder set in Drupal and if abandoned, Drupal itself will remove them automatically. If the user places the order, the uploaded files will be moved into their final location (can be customized). The uploaded files (both during checkout and after the order has been placed) appear as links on the pages and can be downloaded again (user access rights can be set to determine who are allowed to download).

Known todos (there is no need to file an issue about them):

  • a possibility to have the default product picture replaced with the uploaded one in the cart;
  • restoring the previous functionality of enforcing allowed extensions and file sizes.

As soon as these two are taken care of, a 1.0 version will be released.

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