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This module will allow you to perform learner record imports to the Course suite of modules:

While you can build importers that can import into entities such as Course enrollments, completions, and credit, importing to all 3 of them at the same time would require 3 different files and 3 different imports.

This module provides a Feeds processor that can take all the data at once and import course, completions, and credit for learners.

Transcript import also solves a common use case in where learners do not yet exist in the site yet. Rather than automatically create accounts for them, it waits for the user to log in, and then matches orphaned records based on default and also arbitrary criteria.

Additionally it will also create shell courses for courses that do not exist, based on the course's external ID - for example when migrating from legacy systems where activity or credit history is required legally or per policy.

There is a default view provided for managing imported records.

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