This module provides a full tournament management system for Drupal.


  • Tournaments are nodes
  • Knockout brackets, round robin and ladder tournament types are packaged with this module. Other types can easily be implemented with a custom module.
  • Tournament participants can be any entity type (e.g. user, node etc.)
  • A Team entity type is available in this module. Teams are groups of users with administrators.
  • Matches are nodes.
  • Participants can enter scores for their matches among other actions.
  • Basic Views support for displaying lists of Teams, Tournaments and Matches.
  • Send messages to a tournaments participants via Privatemsg.




Tournament for Drupal 8

I have been considering a re-write of Tournament for Drupal 8. Although the Drupal 7 version is packed with features, it makes too many assumptions and lacks flexibility. If anybody is interested in the conversation, please do reach out with your ideas in issue #2477147: Drupal 8 ideas.

Project Information