Token modifier provides a meta token that allows you to modify the output of other tokens.


To use these token modifiers, you simply add a prefix to your existing token.

[token-modifier:{modifier}:{existing token}]

The modifiers should work anywhere the existing token would work. It passes through all the context available to the original token.

For example: output the current users' username as title case:


Included modifiers

  • urlencode: URL Encodes the returned string.
  • title-case: Uppercases the first letter of each word using ucwords.
  • sentence-case: Uppercases the first letter of each sentence.
  • uppercase: Uppercases all characters.
  • lowercase: Lowercases all characters.
  • uppercase-first: Uppercases the first letter of the string.


Chaining modifiers is possible. Just keep prepending token-modifier:{modifier} to the front of the token.


Token Modifiers uses the ctools plugin system to allow other modules to provide their own modifiers.

To get started:

  1. Copy one of the existing plugin files within token_modifier/plugins/token_modifer to a plugins/token_modifier folder in your module and modify the details. The filename of your .inc file is used in the token.
  2. Implement hook_ctools_plugin_directory in your module. Look at token_modifier_ctools_plugin_directory as an example.


I'll gladly bundle more modifiers that I think are going to be widely useful. Create an issue in the issue queue (ideally with a patch ready to go) and I'll take a look.

Contributed Modifiers

These modifiers have been contributed but haven't been included in the main module due to a narrow use-case, however you can implement the plugins in your own custom module.

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