It gives the user the ability to create custom tokens for specific replacements that can improve other modules relying on the Drupal 7 token API or, for Drupal 6, the Token module.

Versions 7.x-1.x and previours relied on PHP evaluation to build custom tokens.

The new 7.x-2.x relies on input filters. While still allowing for PHP tokens through the D7 core PHP filter module, administrators can permit only HTML or plain text custom tokens.

Looking for a new maintainer. Send me a message if you have some time & some love to give to this module.

New features in version 7.x-2.0

  • Build tokens using input filters (#1336622)
  • Define custom token types (#1341106)

Versions 7.x-1.x and previous

They are designed for developers with, at least, a little PHP knowledge. Custom tokens will evaluate and execute PHP snippets in order to provide the replacements for the tokens you define.

Dependencies (versions 5.x and 6.x):

Sponsored by (versions 5.x and 6.x):

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