TestSwarm tests

A module to do automated QUnit testing


  • Strict javascript client side testing.
  • Can be extended to test multiple themes at the same time.
  • Works for authenticated and anonymous users.
  • Detailed recording of all test runs.
  • All submit and validate handlers are disabled.
  • Permissions are checked before running a test.
  • Testing of submit handlers running in iframes
  • Allow certain roles to submit forms


  • Implement hook_testswarm_tests to define all your tests.
  • Create a javascript file containing QUnit code.
  • Navigate to /testswarm-browser-tests.


In order to run a test you need the permission 'run testswarm tests', it should be save to allow anonymous users to use this as well. For each tests you can specify additional permissions and all validate and submit handlers are removed for all forms (except for UID1).

Included tests

  • Basic test
  • JQuery once
  • Re order blocks
  • Create page content
  • States.js
  • Autocomplete
  • ...


  • add full theme support to tests running inside an iframe
  • better reporting



Based on idea of QUnit module with some ideas of JQuery TestSwarm

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