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'Tree of life' diagram from  David M. Hillis, Derrick Zwickl, and Robin Gutell, University of Texas

This module makes it possible to import and export vocabularies and taxonomy terms via XML, CSV, RDF and other formats.

If you want to just import a flat list of terms, or terms structured in various columns to represent heirarchy, Taxonomy CSV offers a number of CSV-style formats and the ability to just paste the list straight in. Try that for simpler jobs. CSV support in taxonomy_xml is limited to a specific (ISO 2788 - triples) format

Work is currently being done in the Drupal 6 branch to extend support for remote services - online vocabulary, glossary, thesaurus and taxonomy resources - so libraries of structured terms can be imported directly.
Examples include taxonomy structures of:

  • Hierarchical Countries and states
  • The Dewey Decimal system
  • Library of Congress classification scheme
  • IPTC press topic catalog
  • Encyclopedia of Life organism database

A goal is to get the taxonomy import/export to a point where a Drupal site can become a taxonomy server of its own, providing realtime vocabulary sharing.

Background on recent motivations that have moved this forward a bit.

Documentation distributed with the module includes:

PHP4 is no longer supported in the dev branch. Old compatibility code is being removed. PHP4 just doesn't do XML very well.

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