This module enables revisions for the taxonomy terms.

The users will have an option to create new revision for a taxonomy term as for
nodes. This means when a taxonomy term is edited in the default form, a new
checkbox is displayed for revision creation. If clicked a textarea will appear
to fill a revision log message.

Also on the taxonomy term edit page a new menu tab appears after the module
installation which will list all of the taxonomy term's revisions and provides
3 operations for each taxonomy term revisions:

  • revert: which will revert the revision.
  • delete: which will delete the revision.
  • diff: compares the revisions between them with the diff module (requires diff module installed

Also the module is adding some field handlers for taxonomy term revisions to
support the taxonomy term revisions in views.

Sponsored by Publicis Modem. Developed and sponsored by Pitech+plus

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