Transforms your taxonomy vocabularies into menus with ease!


  • Custom Menu per vocabulary
  • Uses the default taxonomy term path or custom paths
  • Integrate with Views
  • Integrate with Pathauto: use URL/path aliases
  • Does not interfere with other menu modules

8.x-3.x is here!

A huge thanks to nerdstein for his amazing work modernizing taxonomy_menu's code for Drupal 8. It's sleek, it's simple, it's way more maintainable and it works better than ever! Go test it out today!


I'm looking for some help! If you're interested get in touch with me! Interested in D8? Definitely looking for help there!


Feel free to post patches in issues here on or if you prefer Github, feel free to send a pull request to

Development proudly supported through a PhpStorm license from JetBrains.

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