This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

There is an open security issue: Node title display doesn't check for user role permission

This module utilizes the core taxonomy module to create a hierarchical menu tree for each vocabulary. The menus are created as an independent block which can be displayed contextually or display can be controlled through standard block controls. This module also displays the term description for the the term list pages as well.

This module also allows you to add taxonomy based breadcrumbs to node pages.

Version 5.x-1.0 is the recommended version and is stable enough to use on a production site

Version 6.x-2.x is in the alpha state and may not be stable enough to use on a production site. You can help by testing it.

A Drupal 7 version will not be started until the 6.x version is stable. You can speed this up by testing the 6.x version.

New features in Version 2

  • Vocabularies are individually configurable in Version 2.
  • Improved theming capabilities
  • Enhanced views integration
  • Able to use different views for different vocabularies (no documentation available yet)
  • Customizable "base" breadcrumb (e.g. Home > Custom > Term > Term > Node)
  • Teaser/Full Description support added.

A few considerations before trying version 2:

  • I have not had a chance to thoroughly test version 2 although I am using it on a production site and it works for my needs.
  • Our newest maintainer is only working with Version 2.
  • The vocabulary pages from version 1 may not work in version 2
  • Migrating from version 1 to version 2 is not recommended yet (uninstall version 1 before installing version 2)
  • I won't have much time to contribute fixes and patches for awhile
  • I am more of a SVN guy, so CVS commits may be few and far between.

If you are interested in co-maintaining this module contact me.

Drupal 6 version status

The Drupal 6 version is based on the 5.x-2.x version (see caveats above). We have already identified some shortcomings, but really need some more testing from the community. Please file issues as you find them.

Other modules

At the moment, there is a known menu conflict between Taxonomy Context and Taxonomy List in that they both want to implement the menu path "taxonomy/vocabulary." We are addressing this by detecting that condition and changing our path to "context/vocabulary." When finished, this change will have no other effect, but during development of an official Version 2, there may be some code we missed. If you find one, please file an issue.

Development version status

The development versions (-dev, which rolls up at Noon and Midnight GMT) are where the newest stuff is, including any bug fixes and new features. We try to make sure it is tested before we commit anything, but occasionally a bug will get by us. Your help on testing this code is greatly appreciated.

Current Features being tested in Development (6.x-2.x-dev):

Update.php required: No

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