This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Implements a Views plugin to display tagcloud-like list of everything handled by views, using the tagadelic module.

Drupal 7

This version has been rewritten for Tagadelic 2.x version.
It is in dev version until a stable release for tagadelic will be out.

In your view select the Tagadelic style. After you have configured your view, set which field in the view will be used to count the value for that record to create the tag cloud.
Some example view are available so check them.
Help is welcome for testing and documentation.

To use this version you have to obtain the 1.x version of Tagadelic on github.
Notice that it is abandoned in favour of the 2.x version!

Drupal 6

This version is not under development. Mantainance patches are welcome.

Original module by douggreen
The 6.x (5.x?) version of the module was partially supported by CivicActions.

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