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Tagadelic provides an API and a few simple turnkey modules, which allows you to easily create tagclouds, weighted lists, search-clouds and such.

With the API you can build a module with a few lines of PHP, to turn anything that can be counted into a weighted cloud. Which can be presented to your users anyway and anywhere on your site.

With the turnkey modules, you can add a page that shows taxonomy-terms in a weighted cloud: terms that are used more often are bigger. Another module provides a page that shows article-titles in a cloud: titles from articles that are read more often appear bigger.

Tagadelic 2.x branch is work in progress and should only be used by people who plan to develop for and with it.

Tagadelic 1.x branch is stable for Drupal 6 but unstable for Drupal 7. End-users should use Drupal 6, 6.x-1.x versions. End-users are strongly advised not to use Drupal 7, 7.x-1.x of tagadelic; it has known bugs, yet is reported to work for some people. Use at own risk.


Install and enable "tagadelic taxonomy" for a tagcloud from your taxonomy-terms, and "tagadelic titles" for a tagcloud from article-titles. The required libaries and such will be installed automatically, the settings are self-explanatory and kept as simple as possible.

Documentation for end-users


Tagadelic is essentially a set of classes with APIs that allow you to
build word-clouds from anything that can be counted. The end-user
modules described above, should be considered example- and
convenience-modules. Examples for you, when you want to develop your own
clouds. And convenience for the poor souls who cannot develop such
module :).Tagadelic is the module that allows developers to generate tagclouds: weighted tags. The more often a tag is used, the bigger it gets.

Documentation for developers

Please refer to the README for additional documentation, URLs and hints.

Drupal 8 version

The D8 version provides a block and page of the most used taxonomy terms. There is an API that works in a similar way to the D7 version. By extending the abstract class TagadelicCloudBase and overriding the createTags function one can create a weighted tag cloud of whatever one likes. See the class TagadelicTaxonomyCloud for an example. Any suggestions or patches are welcome here on

The D8 version also incorporates the functionality previously provided by the Views Tagadelic module in D7 see

In your view select the Tagadelic List style. After you have configured your view, set which field in the view will be used to count the value for that record to create the tag cloud. Three example views are included with the module.

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