Switch environments

Tadaa! is a module aimed at simplifying the process of enabling/disabling modules and altering configuration when switching between different environments, e.g. Production/Staging/Development.

The environments and the corresponding configuration is completely configurable.


You have the ability to select modules that should be enabled only for specific environments. Let's say you have one development environment and one production. A common configuration would be to enable Devel for the development environment, and leave it disabled for the production environment.

Variables are completely configurable per environment. This makes it possible to alter any variable based configuration. An example would be to disable caching and aggregation in a development environment, and enable them when the site is in production.

Drush integration

Tadaa! integrates with Drush. This will allow you to perform the basic Tadaa! tasks from the command line.

Three commands are available:

  • drush tadaa
    Prints the state for the current environment.
  • drush tadaa-fix
    Fixes any errors for the current environment, by enabling/disabling modules and changing the values of variables.
  • drush tadaa-switch <environment>
    Switches to the environment that you specify.

Available hooks

Tadaa! provides two hooks which allows developers to react when switching environment. These are implemented using hook_tadaa_pre_switch() and hook_tadaa_post_switch(). More information is available in the API documentation.

Module sponsored by Odd Hill

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