This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module will not be updated to Drupal 7. See #1056562: Deprecate Tabs module for D7 in favor of Elements.

The tabs module integrates the jQuery UI tabs plugin, providing client-side interactive tabs. This is a helper module. It doesn't do anything on its own. Rather, it is used by other modules that provide tabs.

Formerly part of the Javascript Tools package, Tabs is now an independent module as of Drupal 6.

Modules that use the Tabs framework include:

See also Quicktabs, which provides tabs but does not use the Tabs module as a dependency. Quicktabs is much more actively maintained than Tabs.

Developer usage

If you want to add tabs support to your own module, download the dev version of Tabs, which includes a working example module implementing tabs.

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