Sample donut chart

Convert a table of data to a chart.

This module allows you to take a table of data, convert the values to JSON and then display those values as a chart (e.g. Line, bar or donut). The default library used for creating the charts is Morris.js.

Upcoming changes to 1.6

An external library has changed some file names. Meaning in 1.6 you'll need to make the necessary changes to your site beyond just updating the module. See the release notes for RC1:

New as of v1.5

You can now use Views Aggregator Plus tables with your Table to Chart configurations.

Help getting started

Check out my presentation at DrupalCamp Montréal 2014 on how to use Table to Chart in detail.

Professional Support for Table to Chart

If you're stuck in the issue queue or need one-on-one help with this module you can book a time slot to discuss the issue with a developer. The help is free if it's resolved issue in the half hour time slot. For extended support you can request a quote at Be sure to select "Support" as the subject.

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Maintainer Mathew Winstone (minorOffense)

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