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System theme administration page with Slate theme

This module provide the "Administration theme" system page alteration, which allow the site administrator to configure a full set of arbitrary path on which the administration theme should be active.

It also provides some integration with node, workflow and revisionning modules; while the user can type in its own pathes, a list of predefined ones can be checked (depending on which module are enabled on the Drupal instance).

It also integrates well with admin module, calling its init stuff within the hook_init() in case the slate theme is selected. This allow to override default system module behavior on content editing pages and ensure that the slate theme won't break.

This module is extensible, it means that it provides a really simple hook that allow other modules to integration with it.

Important notice: this module is very similar to the Administration theme module. There is an open discussion if people wants to complain about this module being a duplicate, see #608556: Duplicate module?



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