This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

SugaronDrupal provides the connection link between the SugarCRM and Drupal applications. With this set of modules Drupal could be set as a Self Service portal for a company customers, or serve as a lead capture engine of the website users. Within the scope of this project you will find two kind of modules providing a very good level of integration: for the Drupal site, to be able to understand and feed the SugarCRM information and for the SugarCRM site, to be able to query the Drupal site about information.

These modules will be an extension and mature version of the sugarondrupal concept code published at sugarforge. Promising features will be:

  • Convert any Drupal site in a Self Service portal. Customers will be able to communicate and share information with the company using a fashioned and sexy web.
  • Use your current Drupal site to capture leads, through registration, subscription or many other user actions.
  • Convert any Drupal content in a campaign or oportunity and track its status in SugarCRM
  • Even more sexy features to be revealed soon

After two years of development and several setups, now I've enough expertise to provide the most requested functionalities of this connector to the community. Although other SugarCRM releases will be considered, for this release of sugarondrupal modules I'll provide support for the SugarCE version only, even if the modules could work with Professional and Enterprise versions also.

Specific configurations and support for these versions or modules will be privately handled.

Project Information