Easily create subdomains per user, taxonomy term, content type, or organic group. This module adds an easy text field to the entity where you can enter a subdomain for it.

  • User: e.g. "Mary" and all of her content at http://mary.example.com
  • Taxonomy: e.g. "Seattle" and all content tagged with it at http://seattle.example.com
  • Organic Group: e.g. "MyGroup" and all of its content at http://mygroup.example.com
  • Content type: e.g. "News" content type and all of its nodes at http://news.example.com

This module is intended as a lightweight alternative to multi-domain solutions like core multisite, Domain Access, and PURL.


Please see the included README.TXT file for instructions. Using subdomains for any system requires changes to your DNS server, web server, and settings.php file.

Related modules

  • Domain Access: If you wish to share content across multiple domains, you might want to try the Domain Access module. Domain Access provides advanced tools for running a group of affiliated sites from one Drupal installation and a single shared database.
  • PURL (Persistent URL): an API module for using elements of the page request in building pages.

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