Automatically creates subdomains and places content on them. There are 4 modes:

  User: e.g. "Mary" and content at

  Taxonomy: e.g. "Seattle" and content at

  Organic Group: e.g. "MyGroup" and content at

  Content type subdomains: e.g. "News" content at


6.x-2.x release: none
7.x-2.x release: none


Please see the included README.TXT file for instructions.
NOTE: Installation requires changes to your DNS server, web server, and settings.php file.

Related modules

Domain Access: If you wish to share content across multiple domains, you might want to try the Domain Access module. Domain Access provides advanced tools for running a group of affiliated sites from one Drupal installation and a single shared database.

Known issues

Drupal 7.x

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