This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This is a set of themes for use as a base in creating a new theme. Initial ideas for this theme are as follows:

  • Trim the markup in a base theme down the the bare minimum.
  • Provide extra theme functionality that will provide more separation of logic and markup.
  • Provide a system that module makers can pass down class information to the theme layer.
  • Take advantage of the Drupal 6 base theme system to its fullest.
  • Show an example on how to clean up the theme elements and structure.

Version 2 notes

There is ongoing work on a 2.0 version that will have some quite large changes to the base.

  • All non-functional classes have been removed in Canvas from core template files and beginning classes have been added to the Paint subtheme.
  • Workspace admin has been removed in favor of better options (ex. - Admin Module).
  • Performance optimizations to the preprocess file include system.
  • Ability to add a stylesheet above all other stylesheets on the page via a .info file.
  • Conditional stylesheet support for Internet Explorer browsers in a .info file.
  • Complete re-factoring of the attributes array to accommodate multiple elements in a template, nesting and automatic rendering of the strings.

The 2.0 branch is currently considered highly unstable and is not fully recommended for production use. If you feel brave and would like to contribute to the project, we fully encourage your use of it and provide suggestions and patches.

Themers: This is a PHP heavy theme and is made to take full advantage of preprocess in order to add attributes to elements. This is so that there is less nearly identical template files in a theme. As a side effect, the Theme Developer module makes your theme's layout break.

Developers: This theme is made with you in mind. In v2.0, there is an object for each hook that contains and array called 'studio_attributes' intended for you to add attributes to. So if you have classes needed for javascript or want to feed some RDFa properties to the theme, this is the place to add all of it. Communication with your themer will be a necessity though.

Initial development was sponsored by pingVision.

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