This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Provides a static map formatter for the geofield and (soon) location modules. Both Google Maps and OpenStreetMap are supported.

Currently, the only settings that you can change are the map size and type, but map API's seem to have the ability to play with all kinds of changes, which can and should be added to this project. Patches welcome. :-)


Ideas I'm contemplating

  • Support for MapQuest
  • Provide formatter for Location(done), Openlayers CCK (if that still exists), Gmap fields to load static map first, then use js to load a dynamic map. This would allow non-js/mobile browsers to have a usable map.
  • Storing formatter data for different map types via CTools exports, similar to how Openlayers handles their maps.
  • Locally caching maps.

Drupal 8:

Part of this module is going to be integrated into module Maps for Drupal

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