This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Security Warning

This module has a serious security issue. The issue is listed here.

Single Sign On Multiple Domain module allows login to multiple drupal websites from a single website. If you have multiple drupal website installed at either on same server or other server, then you just need to login to one and it will login you to other websites as configured in the configuration page. For this you have to install this module in all website and do required settings.

This module also allows to create account for user if user do not exist in other website. It also allows you to synchronize user role while creating account.

It provides you various configuration like enable/disable account creation, enable/disable roles synchronization, message to display on processing page, loading image, text below loading image etc.

The difference between other single sign on modules and this module is that this allows cross domain login and it is very simple to use as compared to other.

Security Warning

This module has a serious security issue. The issue is listed here.

Requirements / Dependencies

There is no requirement and dependency.


  1. Place the entire sso_multi_domain directory into sites modules directory (eg sites/all/modules).
  2. Install this module by navigating to: Administration > Modules
  3. Go to admin/config/system/sso_multi_domain.
  4. Enter domains in domain names text area per line in which you want single sign on to be enabled. For example, if you enter,, then when users login to this current domain then they will be able to login to these two domains as well.
  5. Check "Allow Account Creation option" if you want to allow account creation if user does not exists on your website when any requesting websites tries to login via this module.
  6. Check "Allow Roles Synchronization During Account Creation option" if you want to allow synchronization of roles from requesting website when role does not exists. For example, if a user have role editor and he tries to login to a sister website. When the request send to login to this website by this module, the system will create "editor" role in this website and assign it to the user.
  7. Enter Text for single sign on processing page.
  8. Enter Text to display below loader image.
  9. Upload loader image.
  10. Repeat step 1 to 9 for all other domains..

For example, if you have 3 domains i.e.,,, After installing module on go to page . In Domain names text area enter and in individual lines. You need to skip to enter current domain name in that text area.

This is the first release, therefore it has basic and required feature. In the future release I am going to include following features:-

a) Single sign out with configuration setting.
b) User synchronization during registration with configuration setting.
c) Single Sign on to third party softwares like joomla, wordpress etc. and event cross platform website based on .NET, ROR etc.

Please create an issue if you find any bug. Please create a feature request if you thing any feature is missing and that will be useful.

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