Speed reader implementation

Check out nmillin's Demo site to see this in action!
Watch the Drupal @ PSU Screencast Speed Reader module - Using Drupal to read EVERYTHING faster!!

Speed reader is an implementation of the speed reader library which is a fork of this really cool codepen. Speed Reader is based on concepts studied by Spritz that people can read faster when information remains statically positioned. A character in the word is color coded red to draw your eye to it.

This module seeks to implement the library as well as provide some options for integration into Drupal.

To use:

  • Get the library and install the module
  • Goto block or Context and place the included block where you'd like it
  • Go into settings and define the jquery selector of what you'd like to be parsed by speed reader
  • Go to a page, click play and be amazed!

The UX is currently very rough as it has initially been integrated to showcase it working and the capabilities of this module / js library. If you like this check out Mespeak.

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