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This is a utility module intended to help with the cloning of Organic Groups that have a Space directly associated to them. This currently allows for the following:

  • Navigate to spaces_og_clone/{nodeid}
  • Clone just the content types associated to the Features selected
  • Clone just the content authored by the roles selected
  • Change the title of the new group
  • Change the author of the new nodes to the currently logged in user

What it actually will clone:

  • Group node
  • All nodes associated to the Features / Users selected (defaults to all)
  • All Spaces Overrides settings including Boxes specific to the group :)
  • Book associations are correctly mapped to the new group
  • Use Batch API process (framework is there just needs implemented)
  • Associating node references to the newly cloned versions
  • Links within content that has been cloned are correctly relinked to the new nodes

There is definitely room for improvement but I think this is a good first effort as I haven't seen anything allow for this capability so far. This is working in ELMS and has been shown to work in Open Atrium as well. It should work in anything that's using Spaces OG to associate Spaces to Groups but has only been verified in those two systems.

Project initially created as part of the Penn State University ELMS Initiative enhanced with lots of love from the community.

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