A simple theme that incorporates the best of HTML5 and CSS3 to give a great user experience. Uses CSS animations, transitions, transforms, and other juicy properties that should be utilized on every site.

This theme is not for the likes of IE8 and below. Thank you Drupal 8.

  • CSS coded with SASS/Compass
  • No bloated grid libraries
  • 100% responsive with built in minor breakpoints
  • Full screen
  • UI for uploading videos in the header

To Do

  • IE Testing
  • Retina queries

As this theme is its very early stages of development, please feel free to leave me any feedback regarding its design. I would love to hear different opinions on what could make the theme look cleaner or more "futuristic".

Supporting organizations: 
Lent me some hours to get this project done. Thanks guys!

Project Information