The SMS Framework is a set of modules that enables interaction between mobile users and Drupal using SMS. Several popular SMS gateways are supported and the included API allows developers to add support for additional gateways. The API also allows other modules to implement SMS features.

The SMS Framework allows you to:

  • Send SMS messages using any supported gateway
  • Collect, confirm, and store mobile information for Drupal users
  • Send batch messages to Drupal users
  • Allow users to send nodes or portions of nodes to mobile phones

Discussions are taking place on the SMS Framework Group.

7.x-1.x Development
The Drupal 7 version is being stabilized to allow for focus on development of the 8.x-1.x branch. All sub-modules have been completed and only bugfixes are allowed in 7.x-1.x

8.x-1.x Development
The Drupal 8 port is almost complete. All modules have been ported except the SMS Actions sub-module which is currently ongoing. Please test the Drupal 8 versions and report bugs. All new features should be filed against the Drupal 8 version and can be back-ported to the Drupal 7 version after commit.

8.x-2.x Branch
These modules are being considered to be branched off/removed from the main SMS Framework in a 2.x version.

  • SMS Devel ( branched )
  • SMS Track ( branched )
  • SMS International ( removed )

Custom gateway modules
The core SMS Framework is no longer packaged with custom gateways. The overhead required to maintain them within this space will slows the frameworks development progress. Feel free to share your custom gateway modules in a new project. An active list of known SMS gateway modules is maintained at the SMS Framework documentation pages (thanks @dpi for that). The page is freely editable and gateway module maintainers are encouraged to add theirs to the list.

If you use another gateway with a simple HTTP API you may find the simple gateway module a possible option instead of writing your own gateway.

Module Dependencies
SMS Framework has an optional dependency on Token module. Token should be installed in order to use tokens on various parts of the admin UI.

SMS Framework began as a Google Summer of Code 2007 project.
Grown @ Development Seed

Supporting organizations: 
is one of the many contributors to this framework

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