• Supports sending text messages from shared or dedicated phone numbers.
  • Supports receiving text messages from dedicated txtUs numbers.
  • Integrates with the SMS Framework module.
  • Supports tracking using the SMS Framework's track module.


The Text Marketer module provides integration between the Text Marketer SMS service and the SMS Framework module, the module provides no interface of its own but can be accessed through the interfaces provided by the SMS Framework.

The module now supports receiving incoming messages if you use the txtUs Plus
service, this should be set up in your Textmarketer account to use the API URL
provided on the gateway configuration page for Textmarketer

The module makes use of the PHP wrapper (v1.3) provided by Text Marketer http://www.textmarketer.co.uk/pdfebooks/TMRestClient.zip

For this module to work the PHP wrapper provided by Text Marketer should be placed so that the TMRestClient.php file is reachable using the following path: sites/all/libraries/TMRestClient/TMRestClient.php

Known Issues

  • Only supports sending and receiving with one dedicated phone number, support for additional dedicated txtUs numbers will hopefully be added in the near future.


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