This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

A theme engine that allows you to use template files written using Smarty Template Engine syntax.

The 'default' template for this engine is box_grey_smarty, which is ported from the original box_grey theme.


Because of a drupal-contrib policy, a smarty installation is not currently included in default release tarballs. You can obtain a tarball already including Smarty in the libs directory here (4.6.x) or here (4.7.x).

Please see installation instructions for installation details.


Directories 'configs' and 'plugins' are parsed for files if they exist in the theme directory as well as if they are in the main engine directory.

Overriding other theme functions is accomplished in a manner similar to that described for PHPTemplate.

Preferred Download Link for 4.6.x - smarty-4.6.0+libs_rel2.tar.gz

Preferred Download Link for 4.7.x - smarty-4.7.0+libs.tar.gz

This link includes the Smarty Installation in the ./libs directory. You just have to drop in it, untar and change the templates_c directory permissions.

Themes converted for use with the Smarty theme engine:

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