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Theme engines are how themes interact with Drupal. Use the default theme engine included with Drupal core unless you are using a theme that specifically requires a different theme engine.

Smarty theme engine

A theme engine that allows you to use template files written using Smarty Template Engine syntax.

The 'default' template for this engine is box_grey_smarty, which is ported from the original box_grey theme.


Because of a drupal-contrib policy, a smarty installation is not currently included in default release tarballs. You can obtain a tarball already including Smarty in the libs directory here (4.6.x) or here (4.7.x).

Please see installation instructions for installation details.


Directories 'configs' and 'plugins' are parsed for files if they exist in the theme directory as well as if they are in the main engine directory.

Overriding other theme functions is accomplished in a manner similar to that described for PHPTemplate.

Preferred Download Link for 4.6.x - smarty-4.6.0+libs_rel2.tar.gz

wgSmarty theme engine

This theme engine is no longer supported

Since Drupal 5, and even more so in Drupal 6 and beyond, the 'other' smarty theme engine (http://drupal.org/project/smarty) works much better. So there is no longer a need for wgSmarty, which is a good thing as it did confuse people anyway.

wgSmarty is an implementation of the Smarty template engine as a theme engine.


  • Template files are easier to create and maintain then with PHPtemplate
  • Templates are compiled into PHP to avoid speed and memory issues with search-and-replace template engines like XTemplate
  • wgSmarty is much more closely integrated with Drupal than the existing smarty theme engine


  • wgSmarty is currently experimental and is only available in CVS
  • There is very little support for wgSmarty: even when it is released, it will still be poorly supported in comparison with PHPTemplate

Download wgSmarty


The XTemplate theme system uses templates to layout and style Web pages. It separates logic (PHP), structure (XHTML/HTML), and style (CSS), making it easy for designers to create or modify templates by working on XHTML/HTML and CSS without having to worry about any PHP coding.

This engine is compatible with both PHP 4 and 5 and is designed to be used with Drupal 4.7. I have no plans to update this module for 5.0. If someone would like to contribute a patch I'll be happy to review and commit it.


Awesomengine is the most awesome engine. It allows for embedding of PHP code, not only in html templates, but in css files, allowing for dynamically set CSS. Otherwise, it is nearly entirely identical to the phptemplate theme engine.

ETS - Easy Template System

Easy Template System Logo

ETS, or Easy Template System, is a very clean template system that enables you to transform a set of data to any type of document.

Sample Themes


The Zengine theme engine is a CSS-oriented theme engine based entirely on PHPTemplate.

It is the continuation of the Zen theme project. Zen was designed to be a great starting theme, but this presented a problem because users who have already created their themes were unable to benefit from further development of the underlying Zen framework. Zengine attempts to solve the same issues as Zen in a more robust way which allows improvements to the underlying framework even for those who have already created their themes.


Support status

This is an experimental theme engine with problematic security. Don't use it, unless you know what you want.

PHPTAL theme engine

Announce by phprf on 2/02/15:
As of Drupal 8, PHPTAL will not be needed. Twig does everything that PHPTAL did and more.

Announce by phprf on 2/21/12:
D7 release is now up!

Manifest by phprf:

Welcome to the best template engine on drupal.org! Ok...well, best in my opinion! Take a look below to see what I mean.

You'll need an installation of PHPTAL as a PEAR module or the latest zip file (http://phptal.org/download.html).

You can get the pear module by saying
pear install http://phptal.org/latest.tar.gz
and upgrade by saying
pear upgrade http://phptal.org/latest.tar.gz
on the command line.

Haml (Theme engine)

Haml theme engine for Drupal.

Requires you to download phpHaml, extract to the themes/haml folder and presto. Don't forget to use *.haml on your template filenames.

I have taken over this project and am looking for helpers.

XSL Engine

The XSL Engine supports XSLT processing for drupal templates. Now you can leverage the power of XPATH/XSLT for traversing your data. Quickly and elegantly format your semantic data structures into custom HTML markup in no time.


Peroxide is a Drupal theme engine allowing templates to be created using Haml and stylesheets to be written using Sass and Scss.

Templates and styles for large sites can become quite long and complex. The goal of this project is to make more advanced tools available to developers so that the code for themes is shorter, easier to understand and more maintainable.

Peroxide automatically compiles and caches templates as PHP. Sass and Scss files are also automatically compiled, cached and their resultant output css is automatically added to a page.

block machine

block machine


Advertizing and selling Delphi software


Twig is a modern template engine for PHP.

XSL Transformer

As far as I am aware, there is only one W3C specification to do with templating, and that's XSL-T. The bottom line is, you want to be able to use XSL for flexible output options. I hope to implement some way of switching between style sheet collections based on user agent or whatever.

Twig for core

Playing with twig. This is Drupal independent for now.

Twitter Bootstrap 3.0

Getting ready to implement a minimalistic framework for Drupal and the upcoming Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 release. Co-Maintainers and Collaborateurs welcome!


TestHarnes of AvaTest

Impressions Fine Art

Impressions Fine Art is an international disposal and clearance company of high end fine art and antiques.


Handles integration of the Div PHP Template Engine with the Drupal theme system.

Hunter Engine (Blade Engine) - 猎人模板引擎

A Blade template engine for drupal, I create this engine is for work with Amaze UI 8.x-2.x theme, and Magic Theme module, and this engine need the blade package : https://github.com/hunteryun/blade, you can install it with composer (Run in drupal root dir):

composer require hunteryun/blade



Fenom is a lightweight, fast, flexible template engine, which can be a good substitute for Twig or Smarty. It parses templates via Tokenizer extension of PHP.

My Theme

My first theme


HandleBars Theme Engine

With Drupal8 a new breed of decoupled architecture is on with multiple different perspectives and views and I am working on a project which requires handlebars as template engine rather Twig as default one.

I have created a theme engine on which I am still working, that basically replaces the Twig partially for moment and renders everything from .hbss templates.

Here is a road-map of this theme engine.