The sliderfield module provides a new widget for number fields (decimal, float, and integer) and a form element. When creating a numeric field, select the slider widget.

This project uses the jQuery UI slider included with core.


UPDATE May/2013: Sina Salek has become the new maintainer. version 2 is a straight port of jQuery UI Slider Field module which won't be maintained anymore in favor of sliderfield module. you might be interested to read its story :) Doing it in Drupal way : Merging all slider modules


Version 1 users can easily upgrade and
jQuery UI Slider Field users can also easily migrate. Please read the README for further information


  • A widgets that adds slider to numeric fields
  • Group sliding : by using it one can connect several sliders, the result is
    by changing one slider the others sliders linked to it will also change. There are several group types that
    indicate how the other sliders change. Look for "group"
  • Form API element for using slider in custom forms
  • Slider color sets
  • Flexible Ajax support
  • Supports most of jquery slider parameters like orientation, disable/enable , animation , step, etc for both UI and Form Element
  • Setting default length for slider
  • Adjustable slider widget that allows changing slider range dynamically
  • Supports all numeric field types
  • Supports integer , float and decimal numbers as step
  • Can display bubble/hint near slider handles
  • Compatible with editablefields
  • Fields using slider field can have empty value, proper UI is implemented to handle it
  • Full Webform module integration
  • Compatibility with form api #states
  • Customizable through #attributes and proper css wrappers
  • Touch support for mobile devices: #2396457: slider field touch mode not working in devices


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