The Slider Pro module integrates the slider pro library with drupal. Slider Pro is a responsive and touch-enabled jQuery slider that allows you to create elegant and professionally looking slider. This module integrates with the views module and provides a field field formatter for image fields.

Features that are supported:

  • Basic option set
  • Thumbnails
  • Layers

Dependecies (only D7)


See the README.txt file for detailed installation instructions.


  1. Create a new Slider Pro optionset or use the default one (admin/config/media/slider-pro)
  2. When creating a view, select the *Slider Pro* format.
  3. Click on the *Settings* link, under the **Format** section.
  4. Fill out the settings and apply them to your display.


  • Support multiple layers This feature is supported now
  • Support more Slider Pro options
  • Manage captions


This module is based on code from the FooTable module and Flexslider module. Thanks to Matt V. and ryanwebpage for developing and contributing these modules.


Project information