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NB. This is currently being reworked for D6 from the start..

The Single-User Blog install profile's goal is to set up a site with basic blogging features. Instead of forcing the user to accept hardcoded options, the profile offers the user various options to customise their install, such as selecting from a choice of pathauto paths, allowing the user to set up the site information, possibly change the colour of the template etc. Sample content is also added.

The profile doesn't depend on the blog module, instead leveraging views and a basic nodetype.

The handling of inline images is an often debated issue, not just in the Drupal community, and as of yet, it's not decided how the profile will handle images - see the relevant issues in the queue.

The Required modules will be fairly basic as a starting point, but include the use of:

The original profile was written by herenbdy for the GHOP 2007 contest, and is now being developed by George2.

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