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Simplest gmap

Simple GMaps v2 implementation.
Alpha stage.
No additional tables in db, uses CCK to store all data.

Requirements: CCK

Only one marker per one gmap is possible.
This module was created for internal use, for our clients websites, when I was tired of fixing bugs/simplifying interface of GMaps related modules available. (Some of them are >200kb of PHP code, I was sure I don't need 95% of this code on our websites - they are already heavy because of cck/views, really).

I've made simplest_gmap public - may be someone will find it useful :)

If you need maximum of functionality, check out much more advanced +

Aims of simplest_gmap project:
- simplify interface to create marker for editor
- minimize peroformance overhead and code amount

1) Enable module on Drupal admin
2) Insert your Google Maps API Key on admin/settings/simplest_gmap
3) Create CCK field for GMap. You'll see available settings on field creation page.
That's it!

This module was developed by Pixeljets team.

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