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This module is for use with Simplenews 1.x.

By default, Simplenews assumes that only one process is sending mail at a time. This module adds the ability to send mail across several processes at once, by working around a Simplenews bug that can cause duplicate messages to be sent: #361071: Use locking to eliminate duplicate emails from concurrent simplenews cron runs.. This bug will be fixed in Simplenews 2.x, so this module is only needed with Simplenews 1.x.

This module requires the Simplenews module, and Multi SMTP. For each SMTP server that is configured, a mail sending thread is created.

Installation & Usage

Install like any other module. During installation, the module will add the DB columns it needs and set system variables.

The module does add one option to the Simplenews mail sending configuration at /admin/settings/simplenews/mail: "Simplenews Threaded Send Batch Size." It also disabled two Simplenews options that it overrides: "Use cron to send newsletters" and "Cron throttle."

During a cron run, the module will kick off child processes for each SMTP server configured in the Multi SMTP module, and send a batch at a time through each SMTP server until the entire Simplenews mail spool has been processed.

Why is it in beta?

This module was developed for use by a US Congressman, who needs to send thousands of emails daily to constituents and colleagues in the party. This has been in place in production for several months, so it is known to be stable. However, the version available here is not exactly the same: in the interest in development time, we made some modifications to the Simplenews module to achieve the same goal. The beta version of this module available here includes a lot of refactoring that was done to make it usable without requiring any patches to Simplenews.

If you need this functionality, please install the module, try it out, and let me know how it goes by posting an issue in the queue.


Development of this module has been sponsored by Jackson River. Our mission is to support and strengthen non-profits, socially responsible businesses, cause-based initiatives, and progressive foundations by enhancing the effectiveness of their mission, people, process, and technology.

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