Simple Table of Contents provides an easy and automatic way to add a table of contents to all of your content. Simple Table of Contents has three important features:

  • Simple installation; just enable the module and all of your content will automatically display with a table of contents.
  • An administration interface to configure position and display settings.
  • Easy cleanup; Simple Table of Contents generates tables of contents on the fly and does not modify your content.


Simple Table of Contents has one dependency:

Drupal core

  • Node (Enabled by default when installing Drupal)

Simple Table of Contents only generates tables of contents from content (node) body fields. Your content must be stored in the body field for Simple Table of Contents to work.


To install Simple Table of Contents:

  1. Enable Simple Table of Contents.

Related Modules

The focus of Simple Table of Contents is to provide site builders with an easy way of adding tables of contents to content and to allow site administrations to be able to customize the position and display of the tables to their needs.

If you have a more advanced use case or would like to absolutely position tables of contents inside of your content please see these related modules:


Development of Simple Table of Contents is sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines.

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