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This module integrates Silverpop's Web Tracking API and XML API to allow tracking a user through various flows and levels of engagement.

An anonymous user is assigned a unique cookie value, and any custom events they trigger will be stored in Silverpop's Engage database.

The Silverpop Webform submodule adds easy Webform integration to Silverpop database fields when enabled.

Drupal website owners will need to sign-up at before being able to complete the module's configuration settings.

About Silverpop Engage

Engage Marketing Automation offers sophisticated marketing automation product capabilities that leverage behaviors, maximize campaign effectiveness and drive revenue. With the Engage Marketing Automation product you can:

  • Increase the quantity of leads entering your pipeline and nurture leads until sales ready
  • Easily build multi-track drip campaigns driven by prospect behavior
  • Execute consistent, relevant communications and follow-ups to keep your prospects engaged
  • Use multiple scoring models to score based on behavior and demographics
  • Route sales-ready leads directly to sales, and determine which still need further nurturing from marketing
  • Prove marketing ROI by measuring the impact of campaigns
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