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What is it?

This is kind of a simple module, apologies for that, but it does something that is often requested by our site editors: It shows the nid / tid of the current active page in a configurable block.

Now with Navbar support.

Shownid also integrates with Navbar. Simply enable integration from Shownid's configuration page.

Navbar support

Why is it?

Our editors often need to reference nids or tids of other pages and have been complaining that due to autoalias patterns they can't see the nids/tids in the page url and so they have to hover over the "edit" -button and memorise the nid/tid in order to use it somewhere later on.

This modules solves that problem by showing the nid / tid of the active page in its own block wherever it's configured to be displayed. It also uses permissions so that you can show it only to the roles that need it.


  • Enable the module
  • Go to menu -> structure -> blocks and choose to show the "show tid / nid" block for some area of the page, such as "content".
  • Alternatively: use contexts that are much more configurable, in which case you can ignore the block configuration above.
  • If you're not administrator, make sure the role you do have is allowed to use "shownid" under user permissions.
  • Go to an article / taxonomy page and verify you can see the nid/tid as intended.
  • New : Shownid also has navbar integration. Just enable Navbar, go to Shownid configuration and check the box for Navbar integration. Add a weight (999 would probably put shownid at the end of Navbar and 0 at the beginning).
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