Shoutbox Block
Shoutbox Page

The Shoutbox module provides a block or a page, where visitors can quickly post short messages.

Shoutbox 1.x

  • Post messages instantly via AJAX or POST. (Option in admin section)
  • Optionally have messages auto-refresh via AJAX
  • Permissions can be set so that posts go live immediately or go to a moderation queue.
  • A cron option allows the administrator to have old shouts deleted.

Version 7.x.1.x includes the core functionality of shoutbox.

Shoutbox 2.x

Shoutbox has been dramatically revamped and improved for a 2.x release.
Shoutbox group: Integrates Organic Groups with Shoutbox. If a Shoutbox block appears within a group context, the shouts displayed and added become group-specific. A Shoutbox page link is also added to the group details menu, where groups now have a dedicated Shoutbox page.

Shoutbox points: Simple integration between Shoutbox and Userpoints.

Shoutbox tags: Add Twitter-like #hashtag functionality to shoutbox posts.

Shoutbox user: Similar to Shoutbox group, Shoutbox user gives each user their own shoutbox. When the shoutbox block appears on a user profile page, the shouts become user-specific. Each user will also have their own shoutbox page.

Shoutbox rules: Integration between Shoutbox and rules (contributed by nmclain).

Shoutbox domain: Integration between Shoutbox and domain access (contributed by Chris Porter).

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