Drupal Module Shariff - Social Media Sharing done right :)
Example buttons displayed horizontally.
All available buttons displayed vertically.

This module implements the Shariff social media buttons library by heise online: https://github.com/heiseonline/shariff

Shariff enables website users to share their favorite content without compromising their privacy.

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter supply official sharing code snippets which quietly siphon personal data from all page visitors. Shariff enables visitors to see how popular your page is on Facebook and share your content with others without needless data leaks.

The server-side php component (to get the number of likes, tweets and plus-ones) is not implemented. But you can always put one of the available backend libraries outside of your Drupal root and reference the URL in the Shariff module settings.



This module implements the JavaScript library to display the buttons as

  • a block,
  • a field and
  • a configurable panels pane (D7 only).

Main benefit compared to other sharing plugins:

  • Doesn't call external javascript and doesn't inject iframes. Thus provides privacy for your users and improves performance.
  • Ability to show sharing counts using one of the shariff backend libraries.

Drupal 8

Full release available.

Supporting organizations: 
Initial release, maintaining the module
Contributed fields integration

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