Message updated December 1st 2017.
There is a Release for 7.x-1.3. Take a look at the 7.x-1.3 Release Notes.
As always please attempt this upgrade on a non-production environment first as if you upgrade directly from 7.x-1.1 to 7.x-1.3, you will find that your services views will most likely be disabled without an automated upgrade due a decision to force developers to make a more secure configuration. See 7.x-1.3's FAQ section

If you haven't done so already, please update your settings of your api endpoints for the views resource before you upgrade to 7.x-1.3. Take a look at 7.x-1.2 Release Notes for information about the recent security update, the actions needed to be performed by you to keep you safe, and the future plans. Also check out #2900460: Make the Views Resource enforce better security practices..

Views support for the Services module version 3.x and later.

It has currently two features:
- Create view based resource creating Services display in a view
- Execute any view of the system via views resource call

Demo video

Create view based resource creating Services display in a view

In any view you can create "Services" display. It has only one option setting -- path. That will be the name of your resource. After enabling that resource you would be able to do call to<endpoint path>/<resource name>

This will execute a view and output results. You can create exposed filters and pass them to your resource. For example if we created exposed filter "tags" call will be:<endpoint path>/<resource name>?tags=7

You can also use Services field formatter in a view that allows to retrieve full field properties (like body field will come with format, safe_value etc.).

Executing view via views resource

As of 1.3, you can now only make calls to view displays of the services type for security reasons. See 7.x-1.3 Release Notes.

After enabling "views" resource in your services endpoint you can do GET request to:<endpoint path>/views/<view machine name>?display_id=<display_id>

This will execute a view and pass results.

Possible arguments:
- display_id: views display
- args: array of view arguments
- filters: array of view filter values
- offset: views offset
- limit: limit views number of results
- format_output: boolean whether we would like to get themed view or data

Example of calls:[tags]=5[tags]=5&format_output=1
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