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* The module name (Sentiment Analysis) itself describes everything about this module.

* This module provides a field type ("Sensitivity")

* This module needs an additional API key(3rd Party) to check user inputted text
and returns the result of sentiment(If negative).


* Needs External API key(3rd Party) from
* Internet connection to hit API with inputted value and get output.


* Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. See:
for further information.


* This module requires API key(3rd Party) from
* Login / SignUp in
* After successful login goto
* Copy API key (Check project page for example images).
* Before Proceeding please read this and then generate key.
* However when the module is enabled,
if you go to the manage fields page of the content types at
admin/structure/types/manage//fields, you will see a new field
type "Sensitivity" in the Field type selection drop down.
Once you select the field type as "Sensitivity", in the Widget drop down
field, you will get the "Word Sentiment"(selected by default).
* After selecting Field Type as "Sensitivity" thats it, it will take care of sentiment description of User input.

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