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Sendgrid is a transactional email service that is used by several large companies to handle delivery of messages. Zapier blog has a great explanation of what transactional emails are and why you should care about them (especially if you are doing eCommerce).

This module works with Drupal mail system to offer a flexible way of sending emails out of Drupal. Emails are sent through SendGrid's cloud-based email delivery services by using their Web API (RESTful) that allows for quick and fast email transactions out of a Drupal website instead of slow SMTP transactions. Sendgrid is a very reliable transactional email service with some market-leading statistics for inbox penetration and a very advanced API. You can read more about SendGrid here.

To use SendGrid's services by this module, you need to have an account with their service. Sendgrid offers a very generous free account that allows you to send up to 12,000 emails per month for free.

Configure Cron to get more reliability for email sending in some error cases (some failed messages will be added to cron queue for later delivery), see more about cron.

Library Information

Required API Library:
Only local images are allowed.

Build status is waiting for this infrastructure item to be implemented #1952278: White list as a valid source for external images. Sorry! Please submit to the issue to get more notice for supporting external CI environments.

Extending functionality (Hooks)

Check sendgrid_integration.api.php

This project is not affiliated with SendGrid, Inc and is not funded in any way by Sendgrid, Inc.

The library being used for this module is maintained on Github as a fork of the official Sendgrid PHP library. The library sendgrid-php-ng makes use of Guzzle 6.x.

Drupal 7 PHP Compatibiltiy

While Drupal 7 officially has a minimum PHP version of 5.2.5, this module only supports version 5.5 or newer.

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