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jQuery selectBox example


The jQuery selectBox module is a styleable replacement for SELECT elements using Cory LaViska's jQuery UI plugin.

You can view a demo of the plugin here:



* Drupal Libraries module (
* jQuery selectBox (
* jQuery 1.6+ or greater (use jquery_update to be sure)


1) Upload/install the Libraries API module
2) Create a sites/all/libraries directory on your server
3) Create a directory within sites/all/libraries named jquery.selectbox
4) Download the latest jQuery selectBox plugin from
5) Upload/install the jQuery selectBox plugin: place it inside the jquery.selectbox directory
6) Enable the jQuery selectBox module

Drupal 6 Installation Only

* The plugin only works with jQuery 1.7+. So in order to update jQuery on D6, please follow the instructions here:


Issues should be posted in the issue queue on

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