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Search API Entity Translation (Image by Kenny Louie (CC BY 2.0))

Search API Entity Translation module provides multilingual support for the Search API module through integration with Entity Translation.

Branch 2.x

Version 2.x of the module started as a fork of drunken monkey's Search API Entity Translation v2 sandbox module, taking it further and adding missing features.

Version 2.0-alpha is the latest release before a major lift, this implies that the 2.x-dev release could be NOT STABLE.

Read more on its origins in Multilingual Search API with Entity Translation blog entry.


  • provides multilingual versions of all entity types that support translation
  • generates separate search index items for all/selected available languages for each translatable entity (this also includes a separate item for LANGUAGE_NONE data)
  • allows per-index configuration of language-related behavior
  • introduces new datasource controller for multilingual entities

Extension projects

Branch 1.x

Search API Entity Translation is a minimalist approach of making multilingual content managed via entity translations searchable via Search API.

The current approach simply offers a new search API field named "Multilingual full text" which concatenates all the entity translations of a specific entity, thus making it possible to search in any content translation/language.

This is, of course, not very intelligent (since the translations/languages of content cannot be properly distinguished in the search, let alone searched language specificly or independently) - but it's a first simply approach.

Search API Entity Translation is written for Drupal 7 and used in production environments. It is currently only thouroughly tested and used with node based indexes, though.

For introduction of the module and more background also read the blog post on our website:


Search API Entity Translation v1 is sponsored by wunderkraut.
Version 2.x was sponsored by Commerce Guys and Liip AG.

Liip AG

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