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Integrates Commerce Kickstart 2's Commerce Search API module with Entity Translation.

Developed to help with translating Commerce Kickstart 2.


  • Creates new Multilingual product display search index, being a copy of Kickstart's default Product display index, but based on Multilingual node item type provided by Search API Entity Translation module
  • Provides configuration for default facets and sorts for Multilingual product display search index, based on Kickstart's default configuration for Product display index
  • Replaces Kickstart 2's default Display products view with new Display multilingual products view (old view is still available, just disabled), with the same path as previously disabled Display products view, but based on new Multilingual product display search index


  • Facet block configuration - although this module provides default facet configuration, relevant blocks are not created automatically yet. For the moment, to have them appear, you need to go to Multilingual product display index's Facets page and save the form (no need to make any changes, unless you want to make some). This will make the blocks created in the database, after which either they need to be manually configured on the Blocks admin page, or the whole code from commerce_search_api_et_install() run in devel/php
  • Search block configuration - for the time being you also need to manually move the Exposed form: display_products_multilingual-page block to the Branding section


Optional dependencies

  • Commerce Kickstart Search - a member of Commerce Kickstart 2 family - not required, although recommended, as it provides Display products view, which this module uses for creating Display multilingual products view/search
  • Search API Entity Translation Database Search - for those using this module with Commerce Kickstart 2 and its default Database Search implementation, search_api_et_db helps with fixing duplicate search results and incorrect facet counts
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