Search API Context is an add-on module to the excellent Search API suite.

Search API Context provides "context-sensitive" blocks for Search API. Let's say you want to display some additional information about a selected term then Context becomes useful.
In the Context Block settings you specify a view to use and select what to display if a term is selected. This view must accept one argument of the type term id.

Example: you already have set up a Search API based page view that uses at least one taxonomy term facet e.g. "country".
* Add a new content type for storing the contextual information
* Create a new taxonomy view
* add a filter for the content type previously created
* add one argument (or "contextual filter") of type taxonomy term id
* create at least one new piece of content tagged with one of the countries and of the new content type
* enabled the Search API context block and go to its configuration screen
* select the view previously created
* whenever you select the country that you created context for previously it shows up in the Search API context block

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