This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module extends the Webform module to easily allow the creation of a webform that feeds to your Account. It utilizes the Salesforce API, which must be downloaded separately from the module. In order to use the Salesforce API, your Salesforce installation must be either the Enterprise, Ultimate, or Developer edition. Other editions do not have support for the Salesforce API. is the leader in Customer Relationship Management software around the world. Trial accounts are available via their website, and will work if you're interested in testing this module.

The latest Salesforce API can be downloaded via the Salesforce Developer Site, under 'Toolkits'.

As of version 6.x-1.3 of this module, you may select Accounts, Leads, or Contacts. Other (custom) modules may follow in the future.

When upgrading from 6.x-1.2 to 6.x-1.3 please make sure to read the INSTALL.txt file for important upgrade information.

The initial development of this module was sponsored by Davis Applied Technology College.

The port of this module to Drupal 7 and compatibility with Webform 3.x (both D6 and D7) was sponsored by Aktana.

The module was developed by Obsidian Design.

Salesforce Auto-responders with this module

One thing to note is that even though we are using a "webform" to submit these leads it does not act as a "web-to-lead form" in Salesforce. When setting up auto-responders in SF you will have to set them up as rules and not as "Web-to-Lead Auto-Response Rules." This other way is a little more work, but it will give you the results you need.

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